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We can never really be sure when the next deadly catastrophe would come. What’s certain is that it would come when we least expect it. And, most of the time, there are almost always casualties, and death tolls could rise to horrendous numbers. However, we can’t deny the fact that this is almost always the case if and only if it comes from out of nowhere; when there’s no warning. This is why it’s obvious that being prepared all the time is the key to survival. Regardless of where you are and what time of the day it is, always expect the worst. After all, there’s no harm in being vigilant, right? It’s not for nothing that we human being have a term for that which drives us to fight to live another day: survival instinct.

Survive The End Days Scam

Another woeful fact that should be highlighted is that many of us lack survival training and education. And, even if we actually prioritize it, there’s just not enough quality material online that offers unique, useful, and proven methods that would guarantee your survival should any type of disaster strike. Yes, they teach practical tips like how to build shelter with whatever resources you have at hand or lighting a fire without using matchsticks. However, they simply leave you with the feeling that you are not learning enough, that you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. It’s for these reasons that, out of the number of survival books that I’ve read, Survive the End Days’ is really the one that stands out.

Before I start with my review, I have to stress first that I have tried out the program myself. Many reviews out there are guilty of making reviews without really trying out the product, but rest assured that this is not the case with this review.

Survive the end days review


An Overview of Survive the End Days Review


SSurvive-The-End-Days-Bookurvive the End of Days’ is the brainchild of Nathan Shepard. It offers in-depth steps on how to survive the most common disasters known to man. Whatever scenario you are in, may it be that you are alone or with your family or companions, this is basically the most comprehensive reference about survival that you can get your hands on.

It’s also important to note that Nathan Shepard has been conducting Bible studies for years, and in his close to 30 years of experience in the field, he has discovered the startling truth that there is a secret prophecy that was expertly hidden in the passages of the Bible. He is certain that the End of Days is near, and that the Second Coming of Christ is most certainly going to happen soon. One noteworthy major disaster that he mentioned is one that would occur in 2017, which would take the form of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks. These disasters and predictions are closely tied to present issues like the Nepal Earthquake, the Paris Attacks and the Syria Crisis, to name a few. What’s good is that Nathan expounded on how to survive such attacks as EMP and HEMP in this program.

One can never really know if these disasters would really happen. However, if you take the time to read and learn from this survival guide, then you would certainly be ready for it. This way, it won’t be easy for you to ensure that you and your family are kept as far away from danger as possible.

If you want further proof of these prophecies, then just take the time to view the video below. The information that it provides is, at best, very interesting. It highlights a latent link between the Obama administration and the powerful Catholic Church. Nathan himself has announced that the video won’t be live for long, so if you are curious about its contents then don’t waste time in viewing it now here:

How Survive the End of Days Can Ensure Your Survival

While most of the survival tips that the program imparts is focused on the upcoming EMP attacks in 2017 (take note that it’s not that far off), Nathan also expounds on other forms of disaster and shares basic survival methods like how to find water that is safe for drinking for you and your family, create a Faraday Cage (offers protection for your electronic gadgets during a disaster), prepare a med-kit, preserve food and prevent it from being spoiled, spot deadly chemical weapons, etc.


1.) Guide on How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

The program provides invaluable tips on how to diagnose radiation sickness and how you can manage it, as well as a guide on how to acquire water and food that is safe for consumption in the event of a nuclear attack.

2.) Tips to Survive a Chemical War

Survive the End of Days’ gives further tips on how to survive chemical warfare by simply knowing how to create your own special survival kit. What’s great is that these tools can be constructed from what’s available on-hand in your house.

Nathan really explains everything in a simple manner, which is a real plus for me. I also liked the Faraday Cage guide particularly since gadgets are undeniably very important tools to have in a crisis. It’s also not at all hard to build, as you can use materials that are readily available at home. The detailed steps on how to survive a long war is also very detailed, as well as the guide on how to protect yourself from an EMP attack. I also appreciate the fact that the program has a money-back (60 days) guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the guide, you simply have to email Nathan for a refund.

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My Final Thoughts on the Program:

While the information that the program provides may be a wee bit unbelievable, at first, I simply can’t deny the fact that the survival methods that Nathan teaches are truly invaluable. After all, we have had our share of faulty predictions in the past. However, I can’t help but be awed by the convincing links that Nathan forms in it. The only thing we’re sure of, though, is that disaster (or the End of Days, for that matter) could occur any day.

We can never really know what the future brings, and if Nathan’s predictions prove to be true, then we should all the more start fearing not only for the lives of our family but our fellowmen’s as well. The ultimate of the program really lies in its survival guides, though, and the amount of knowledge and skill that you can gain from it is simply priceless. Think about it, most of our investments are practically centered on survival, anyway. Wouldn’t you be willing to take it a step further by ensuring that everything that you’ve been nurturing, that has been making your life worth living, wouldn’t be taken away in a single catastrophic second?

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